Constitution Bridge

Usually called Calatrava Bridge (name of the architect who planned it) it is the fourth bridge on the Grand Canal the 435th bridge of Venice. The project started in 1997, when Calatrava donated to the city the first drawing of what was opened the 11th September 2008. It is 81 meters long, from 6 to a maximum of 9 meters wide and not higher than 10 meters. Its style is completely different from what people see in Venice, but it can merge softly with the urban landscape, especially during night time when the steel, glass and Istrian stone structure is lighted by lots of blue led, a singular atmosphere for who crosses it. Its construction was not simple: lots of work to create the basis where it stands on both sides of the Canal and we can not forget the transportation and the placing of the 3 parts with which the bridge is built. They were brought were the bridge now stands in two different moments using big flat boats, from Marghera through Giudecca’s Channel then down the Grand Canal, under Rialto Bridge until the place were it was put after 5 hours of work (for the central body they worked 5 hours to set it into the right place). The grand opening was on 11th September 2009 (23:44), but after the happiness of the new construction a lot of troubles came up, especially regarding the stability of the structure and the high costs sustained to build it.

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