San Simeon Piccolo Church


At the opposite side of the St.Lucia train station, facing the Grand Canal, it is one of the most important religious building of the city which has to be differentiated from San Simeon Grande Church, bigger than this. (the adjectives are just for the importance of the Saint).

The structure was plabbed between 1718 and 1738 by the Venetian architect Scalfarotto, who carved his name on the pronaos. Its plan is circular, surrounded by a copper dome (just the external layer) which ends wit a Redentore statue: the structure of the roman pantheon is really close to it.

The interior presents four symmetric altars, surrounded by oil paintings of Antonio Marinetti il Chizzotto and Mattia Bortoloni, or by marble pieces of art (for example the Apostoles, San Simon Giuda and a marble corss).
Underneath the church are some tombs: a 8 sides room with 4 corridors are wall painted with death and judgment images.

Really curious is that the Church is the only place in Venice where the functions are still in latin!

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