The Church of Santa Maria Dei Miracoli and the surround area.

There are many Churches in Venice, all them deserve a visit and to be known for their style, their operas, the  history, indeed amongst all them  the Church of Miracoli is well worth a visit.                                          

It is in Sestiere di Cannaregio, built between year 1481 and 1489 on a Project of Pietro Lombardi, as a tribute to a painting of Virgin Mary that was considered miraculous and to which the population was praying asking for a grace.
From an Architectonic point of view the Church is particularly interesting for two factors, the sumptuous façade, dressed with marbles that it is said  were remaining after the building of Saint Mark’s Church, and for a building peculiarity, the church gas a single central nave, the altar in on an high pedestal and it is preceded by a massive and long staircase, colours and architecture of this place are appreciate both by the Art amateur and the tourist, a promenade out of the common touristic itinerary.
A curiosity on the close by “ Campo dei Miracoli” it traditionally held the “Mercatino dei Miracoli” an open air market of  used things as Books, magazine, comics and objects of all sorts sold by non professional sellers, it is organized by Venice city hall that fix the  dates.
The Church is close to Ospedale Civile (Venice main Hospital) in Sestiere of Cannaregio on the limit with the Sestiere of Castello, an alternative walk out of the touristic schemes and very “ Venetian” not far form there is it possible to visit the Church of San Giovanni e Paolo (Saint John and Paul) one of the biggest medieval religious building in the city, together with the Church of Frari. The church of San Giovanni e Paolo has to be considered the Venetian Pantheon because since year 200 many Venetian doges and important people are buried in the Church, on the same area the is the Church of San Francesco della Vigna, one of the most interesting renaissance Church of Venice, the building begin under the direction of Jacopo Sansovino in 1534 and ended in 1554, ten year later Andrea Palladio built the sumptuous façade.

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