The Isle of Certosa

The isle of Certosa is North west from Venice about 250 meters from San Pietro di Castello and a bit more than 500 meters from the Lido di Venezia, between the Isle of Vignole and the Forte Sant’Andrea ( a war fortification).

Its surface is about 22 hectares and its biodiversity includes woods of White and black  poplar, Ash and other non native species, on the eastern side there are fields of  coastal reed thicket.
Anciently the isle was formed with two separate islands  divided by a canal lately covered, the first settlement is dated 1199 by an Agostinian community, left by the Agostinians, this isle was offered to priests Certosini from Florence in 1424. the same year start the building of the cells around the big cloister. The Church was rebuilt and embellished with several art operas, amongst them some famous master works as the ones of Tintoretto.
The Isle main economy came from the cultivation of vegetable garden and vineyards. In the beginning of the XIX a Napoleonic  edict ordered the conversion of the Island to a Military district  and all its operas were stolen, the only historical building left is the Castello delle polveri from the  600 on the southern side, close to Sant’ Elena.
After the definitive closure of the Military residences the isle suffered for a massive degrade. In 1997 begin the works  for environmental and economic restore, financed by the European Community, the Special law for Venice, and the city hall itself.
Now exist a committee for the environmental vigilance, a territorial laboratory for environmental education. Since 2004 the buildings were offered to a company of  sail entrepreneur that organized a nautical pole in perfect harmony with the North Lagoon Park and it is the results of a dynamic develop.
It has been build a big  Dock for boats and a shipyard for the maintaining and the restorations.
It is also present on the Island a branch of the European Institute of Design that organize also a master in Yacht Design. 

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