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Our history

The building where the Hotels is built is part of the history of Venice since over 500 years.

Built in the  '500, it was originally the   Monastery of the nuns of St. Clare, that’s where The foundation on the grand canal and the hotel itself took their name.

Piazzale Roma was initially a place of cult, whose landscape was dominated by the presence of several vegetable gardens.

Over the years, the function of this area changed radically: during the seventeenth and eighteenth century the area became mostly residential and part of the gardens and buildings disappeared to make room to “ Giardini Papadopoli” (Papadopoli Gardens) next door to the Hotel.

The demolition of the monastery complex left untouched only the building of the Hotel Santa Chiara, it marks the beginning of a series of public works, Santa Lucia Train station, the bridge to the Mainland, the excavation of the “ Rio Novo”  which change the appearance of Piazzale Roma and make it one of the most important and lively areas of the city.

The new wing of the hotel, opened in September 2015, is much more modern than the original building to which it is approached. It Is part of a new project of modernization of the whole area. The project began with the building of the 4° bridge over the Grand Canal, Ponte della Costituzione also called Ponte di Calatrava, the architect who drew it,  and then continued with the People mover, the tram and its platform and all the investments made in the buildings of the main train station on the other side of the canal.