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Ligabue Foundation

Venice, the cradle of art and civilization, presents itself in the winter period in its cultural aspect  indeed more appreciated by the attentive visitor, nothing more pleasant to be confused amongst the Venetian citizens who, after the summer invasion, return to appropriate the beloved city, A walk to the Rialto market, between the benches of fish and vegetables, the captivating voices of the sellers and their colorful dialect, or to the Sestiere of castello, along Via Garibaldi one of the places that perhaps more than any other preserve the spirit of the past time , getting lost between narrow streets  and squares accompanied only by the sound of own footsteps, among the testimonies of the past in search of history, this is the secret to live and discover Venice under its most real aspect, out of the contradictions of times that rush frantic.

The seasons of Venice never end, the city reflects lights and colors back, magic of scenarios always different, even during this winter time the city is active and lively and the cultural proposals are certainly not lacking, to note:

"The world that was not there. Pre-Columbian art in the Ligabue collection "

Over 150 works belonging to the Ligabue Foundation to tell the "world that was not there", those civilizations emerged to the history of the West after the arrival of Columbus and the ' conquistadors ', on display from January 12 to June 30, in the halls of Palazzo Loredan, The many and different civilisations, from the Maya to the Aztecs or the Incas, to remind some of them, which have woven the life of the South American continent before the arrival of Europeans. Testimony also of the commitment of explorer, collector and researcher of civilisations of the Venetian entrepreneur.

"It is an exhibition that collects the encounter between two worlds, with elements that remain fundamental to our diet, such as corn, tomato, potato. The appointment of a whole year with Venice represents the culmination of a path that has so far involved in several Italian cities, almost 100,000 people promoting catalogues and research, new collaborations with national and Internationalsl cultural institutions. In addition to the 45,000 social contacts, about 3000 Venetian students in these months have participated in activities of workshops promoted by the foundation.

The awareness that studying a material object, be it a Maya vase or a statue "mother goddess", means giving voice to different cultures and humanity, which have left many other signs in history, and that the knowledge and recovery of ancient civilizations is assumed Essential to the understanding of our common humanity. "


From 12 January to 30 June 2018

Tue-Sun (closed Mon) 9-17 hours

Palazzo Loredan -San Marco 2945

Price €4 per person