Un monastero di 500 anni ed un edificio
moderno in marmo bianco, sembra un
accostamento impossibile

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Happy Birthday Venice! After 1599 years still the most beautiful.

A lonely vaporetto cruinsing a very quiet Grand Canal. There are so many beautiful details I never noticed, hidden in the hustle and bustle of everyday's life. But I have to be honest, I miss that!

The Grand Canal looks like a mirror on these days. So proud to be venetian.

It's so sad that nobody is enjoying our beautiful town in these days. But we can still share a picture!!!

A lot of space for you and you family and a great view on the Small Canal. Don't miss the chance to book this beautiful Superior Suite!

Thank you Extravagant for the beautiful article about us!


Ready to explore Venice with our beautiful 1956 woodden boat?

Beautiful view on th small canal Rio Nuovo, beautiful venetian decor and unbeatable location.

Maybe January is a little too early to enjoy your breakfast on our patio facing the Grand Canal, but it's not too early to book your spring holiday!
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What a quiet beautiful sunset!
Enjoy it in person, book a room overlooking the Grand Canal!