Un monastero di 500 anni ed un edificio
moderno in marmo bianco, sembra un
accostamento impossibile

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Today's view from the roof!

Venice is still pretty quiet, but little by little people are restarting to book and visit our beautiful town!

A little bit of trafic after the first reopening stage!

We are looking forward to get news from the Italian Government about the reopening stage. We can't wait to welcome you here again!!!

Tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua da Venezia!
Happy Easter!!!

Buongiorno from the Grand Canal! That beautiful building on the right is Palazzo Barbarigo, built on the XVI century.

A beautoful view of the Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge. Rialto is the oldest part of Venice. The bridge connect San Marco district with San Polo district, the famous market is on San Polo side.

It's at a short walk from us, and it's one of the most beautiful part of Venice!

It's so weird to walk in an empty Venice . But it's beautiful too. Everyday I discover new details I never noticed before, they were hided in the confusion.

Happy Birthday Venice! After 1599 years still the most beautiful.

The Grand Canal looks like a mirror on these days. So proud to be venetian.

It's so sad that nobody is enjoying our beautiful town in these days. But we can still share a picture!!!