Mini Bar


"The best breakfast is a nice smile in the early morning. If you add a good dose of enthusiasm and energy, the recipe for a good mood is perfect"

Mini Bar

Our minibar allows a limited variety of products, you can ask at the Bar for any other drink or liqueur you like.


During your stay at the Hotel Santa Chiara, take the time to dine while savoring the Venetian delights in one of our restaurants in our sister hotels Palazzo Stern **** S or Locanda Vivaldi **** S! A different taste path for each season. 

In this somewhat particular period, we have thought of simple and captivating proposals.


Discover below all the proposals of our Bar, you can have a hot or cold drink with view of the Grand Canal.

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Mini Bar

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For us Italians the day can not start without the charge of energy of a good Coffee! Espresso, Cappuccino, American, “macchiato” cold or cold, hot, small cup, large cup... We can prepare it as you like best.

If your tastes are more for tea, not a problem! You can choose from many different types of blends, from the most classic to the most exotic. For the sweet tooth, there is no shortage of milk, chocolate and fruit juices of all kinds !!!


Continental Breakfast

Variety of Croissants, served plain, with jam or hazelnut, muffins, panckackes.

Bread, butter and jam. Perhaps the most classic of combinations! We have white toast, both white and wholemeal baguettes (cold or hot!) or rusks, to be combined with the jam of your choice (or with honey!). You can choose your French Toast with red fruits, banana, hazelnut, honey or maple syrup.

Granola Yogurt (natural, white, fruity), fresh fruit salad, muesli Mix of cereals or corn flakes.


Full Breakfast 

Why not start the day with a little more sprint? 

Eggs and Bacon! Scrambled, Boiled or fried Eggs ... order them as you like! The most classic combination is bacon, cooked at the moment and not too crunchy. But why not, we also have ham, fresh tomato or cucumber!

Omelette with ham and cheese, served with toasted bread.

We also have a selection of Main Courses: Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Junior French Toast, Caprese, Smoked Salmon Bagel, T&T Bruschetta


These are just a few of our proposals to start the day in the best way! If there's anything else you'd like to eat let us know, we'll do our best!  


Brekfast menù

Sparkling mineral water  € 3,00
Natural mineral water  € 3,00
Coca Cola € 6,00
Schweppes € 6,00
Beer € 7,00
Prosecco € 8,00
Brandy € 9,00
Amaro € 9,00
Whiskey € 9,00
Gin € 9,00
Pretzels € 7,00
Pringles € 7,00
Biscuits € 7,00


Palazzo Stern****S has a beautiful and unique terrace on the same level as the Grand Canal, completely surrounded by water, the perfect place to enjoy dinner in complete tranquility, in a location rich in art and history.

The terrace is outdoors, in case of bad weather you can dine in the indoor dining room of the hotel restaurant. From the restaurant on the terrace of our Locanda Vivaldi **** s, a stone's throw from the most famous square, you will have a 360 magnific degree view of the San Marco Basin. From the columns of Piazza San Marco to the Dogana, from the Giudecca island with the nearby island of San Giorgio to the Lido of Venice.

You can choose from the à la carte menu, or a 55 euro menu including an appetizer, main course (first or second), water and coffee.

 This is an example of our à la carte menu.

The menu may not be the same during your stay, it is continuously updated based on the availability of raw materials and seasonality.

Menu Locanda Vivaldi

Menu Palazzo Stern